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Ideas for Sponsored Activities Part 2

– Hi, I am Jen Gasper and I’m a coach with Hurricane Marketing Enterprises, and today on this episode of Coaches Corner, I’m gonna talk to you about sponsored activities. Have you ever been thinking about the sponsored activities that you could potentially do for residents and communities, and have a really hard time of…

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Part 2: How To Overcome Objections Over The Phone

I’m Jen Gasper one of the coaches for Hurricane Marketing Enterprises and this is part two in the two-part series of how to handle objections that you get during an inquiry. How many of you have been taking an inquiry call or answer the phone? This is Hurricane home care? How can I help you?…

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How To Ask For The Business (Part 3)

Hey everybody, it’s Jen Gasper, coach with Hurricane Marketing Enterprises and this is the last part of my three part series of The Coach’s Corner regarding asking for the business. In part two of my series, I talked a lot about how to ask for the business in an assisted living community. So if you…

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How To Ask For The Business (Part 2)

Hi, my name is Jen Gasper, and I’m a coach with Hurricane Marketing Enterprises. And this is part two of the three-part series on asking for the business. If you didn’t catch part one of the series, you need to go back and watch that first. Click Here To Watch Part 1     Today,…

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Make 2020 Your Best Year EVER (Part 1)

This is the first of a two-part webinar where Steve The Hurricane will be discussing all things scaling your healthcare business. During this webinar, he covers: The Best Referral Sources Marketing Initiatives for Q1 Key Performance Indicators Budgeting Determining The Right Revenue Goals For The Year Learn more about the Hurricane Boot Camp at www.HomeCareMarketing.net/HurricaneBootCamp…

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How To Support Your Marketing Rep: Part 3

Even if you do not have a marketing representative, you should still listen to this lesson. On today’s episode of A Drink With The Hurricane, Steve discusses Part 3 of How To Support Your Marketing Rep.   In the first two parts, I talked about mindset and having the right mindset of the owner, one…

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Why You Should Offer Live-In Care

On today’s episode of A Drink With The Hurricane, Steve talks about why you should be offering live-in care.   I was skimming through the Home Care Pulse Report that came out earlier this year in May and I was looking at the revenue section. In this graph, they talk about businesses that are offering live-in…

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Coaches Corner: How To Market During Slow Times Of The Summer

 In today’s episode of Coaches Corner, Meghan Smith discusses strategies to help you generate referrals during slow times of the summer.    Video Transcript Hey everybody, I’m Meghan Smith. I’m one of the coaches here at Hurricane Marketing Enterprises. It’s summertime and one of the things that have been brought up with several of…

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