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Online Training Courses

From beginner to advanced, our online video training consists of 6 weeks of video content including homework, tests, and a coach to guide you every step of the way.

Our online training programs allow you to learn the knowledge to succeed on your schedule. We provide you with the tools and then it is up to you to execute the strategies.

(Each online training course includes a full coaching session each week)

Fast Start

This college style course will teach you the step by step process for getting referrals and ultimately growing your business.

Starting a business brings on many challenges, so being able to combat those challenges effectively can make a HUGE difference in growing your agency. If you are just opening your doors, starting out with a new rep, or if you have been in business for a while and aren’t getting the referrals you want, this is the course for you.

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  • Where to go for business: Steve discusses all the referral source types, how often you should go to them, and how long they each take to develop.

  • Formula for Success: You will learn the proper operating procedures for you and your staff, weekly activities, and create a monthly marketing plan.

  • Power Partners: You don’t know a referring relationship until you create Power Partners. Steve shows you the the 5 Ws of Power Partners, what you can do with them, where to find them, and how to create them.

  • The Differentiator: Want to separate yourself from the competition? You need to have Killer Campaigns! Steve breaks down the campaigns you should have, how to create them, as well as when and how to market with them. This lesson includes a template so you can start creating and promoting it right away. 

  • Getting Past The Gate Keeper: The first step to getting in front of the right people at your referral sources is getting past the gate keepers. You will learn the effective tips and tricks Steve used during his time as part owner and marketer.

  • The Ultimate Lunch and Learn In-service: Find out how to schedule and properly conduct an In-Service/Lunch & Learn. After implementing theses techniques, you will see instant results. This lesson includes a mock in-service on how to properly conduct one from start to finish. 

"The fast start program has been amazing and the coaching even better." 
"I attended the Boot Camp 2.0 and just completed the Fast Start 6 week training course.The information presented at Boot Camp and the Fast Start course proved invaluable! I would highly recommend attending Boot Camp – as well as investing in the Fast Start training. The great thing about the programs: they’re industry specific – not just general sales information.


Even with more than 25 years of sales experience (no previous private duty experience) I’m amazed how much I didn’t know about selling in this industry. I’ve had the opportunity to put into practice many of the techniques taught by Hurricane Marketing – and guess what – THEY WORK!! and we are getting referrals from a number of different sources – including hospitals!" 
"Fast Start Gets New Rep Up And Running!I enrolled my new Director of Marketing in the Fast Start Program and have been delighted with the results. Ana Conlin has been working hard to help my rep get off on the right foot and has provided tremendous support and effort on our behalf."

Advanced Training


  • Category 5 Events: What type of events to attend, sponsor, and host. Then how to execute and tie in those Power Partnerships.

  • The Trial Period: Finding individualized hot buttons, blanketing accounts, and getting established in your referral sources. This lesson is all about what to do after your in-service.

  • Answering the Call: Inquiry Management: How you answer the phone at the office can make a world of difference. When you improve you Inquiry Management process you will immediately start to grow. Share this lesson with everyone in your office who answers the phone.

  • The Art of Closing: Steve demonstrates the proper technique to a sales presentation closing at 90% regardless of price. This video shows everything you need to give a sales presentation and close more business.

  • The Exponential Multiplier Effect: This lesson is focused on creating a team of power partners and the effects it will have on your business.

  • Solidifying Your Core Four: Identifying the accounts that will become your core four, forecasting referrals to be proactive in staffing and planning for long term growth.

Home Care Special Ops (Coming Soon)


  • Caregiver Training: When a client puts their trust within your home care agency it is essential to provide them with outstanding quality care. Steve “The Hurricane” will discuss the importance of the bond between caregiver and client and going the extra mile to make that client feel special and safe. 

  • How to Properly Start a Case: The first 30 days a new client is on your service sets the tone for a long-lasting, positive relationship.  The first 48 hours after the contract is signed can be crucial to making it to that one month mark.  Learn the proper steps from Steve on how to start a case with success.

  • Problem Solving & Dealing with Difficult Clients: In an ideal world, we wouldn't need a lesson on this.  In this imperfect world, we want to ensure you have the right tools and mindset to handle these situations when they arise.  A little planning now can alleviate a lot of stress later.

  • Caregiver Recruitment & Retention: If you’re having trouble recruiting caregivers for your home care business, you aren’t alone. One of the top problems that home care business owners struggle with is that they don't have enough caregivers. In this module Steve “The Hurricane” will discuss how to improve your caregiver recruitment and retention to ensure all your cases are staffed.

  • Managing Office Staff: Your internal team is the foundation of your business.  With the proper people in place and a focus on clear objectives, the sky is truly the limit to what your business can achieve.  Knowing the right time to hire the key players in your organization, and the techniques to manage the will make a huge difference.  Their success within your company will lead to your success long term.

  • Getting Paid!: Do you ever struggle with getting clients to pay for the services you are providing. Steve will teach you the key strategies, including procedures and policies to make sure you are “getting paid” in full and on-time. He will also show other ways to increase revenue by charging for when you go above and beyond what is required.

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