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Highlighted Topics

The Creation of “Power Partners” (Steve "The Hurricane"):

Two heads are better than one and marketing together is so much fun! By calling upon synergistic service providers in your area, you can begin to grow your business exponentially. This presentation covers the effective techniques to form strategic partnerships, how to create self-duplication, leveraging relationships, co-marketing and co-sponsoring, networking, and much more.

Killer Campaigns:

Want to separate yourself from your competition? This program is the most important topic for creating marketing collaterals, for giving you reasons for lunch and learn in-services, and for allowing you to generate exclusive referrals from referrals sources.

Coaches Panel:

You will be given an opportunity to ask questions to our featured coaches. Hearing the different points of view and examples will help you discover new ways to market your business. Please submit your questions at the back table throughout the event. Any questions not addressed during the panel will still be answered.

How to Successfully Develop a Referral Source (Steve "The Hurricane"):

Steve “The Hurricane” teaches all the proven steps he created for developing a referral source. He answers questions such as: Where do I go for business?  How often should I visit? How can I get past the gatekeeper?  And why won’t the Social Worker meet with me? 

He will walk you through the qualifying process, teaching you everything you need to know about the best types of referral sources. He will show you his practical 5 step process which ensures your phone will ring!!

The Powers Within:

An inspiring and energizing close to our event to "BLOW YOU AWAY"!!!

Hear what people are saying...

“Awesome, this is my fifth boot camp and I think this was the best one yet.”

“Why spend money on those coaching calls and why are you going back to a seminar you were just at last year”

My answer was easy and from the heart “I do it for me, I do it for my employees and do it for my clients, it makes my company better in so many ways and we provide better service to our clients from what I learn and implement, my employees benefit from all the knowledge I bring back and the better manager I become and understand them better from the training I get, for myself, I learn so much, I grow so much, I get so motivated, I network with people i never would have meet other wise, and it helps with my sanity”

"I went in with an open mind expecting that based upon the agenda, day 2 was going to be the strongest of the weekend.. boy was 1 wrong. Steve and his team were chock full of creative ideas and answered many of the questions I had.adding value with each and every presentation. I will not hesitate to attend again."

“This is my third boot camp and it's an amazing experience. Every session is different, so I'm always working on different parts of my business. The marketing, self development, thinking about how to grow my business. It's a great experience; highly recommend it.”

“This is my second bootcamp. I had missed one in between, and I'm so sorry I did. I have learned so much in this one that I thought I had learned and implemented. I had learned it, but I haven't implemented. This is so valuable. I'm gonna make sure that I go to the very next one. And I think that's what really tells a lot about these boot camps, is that so many people are here for their fourth, their fifth, their sixth time. It's because they’re information packed, and it's all information that helps you grow your business.”

“Exciting, motivational, educational, and entertaining too. A lot of fun, but you walk away with so much information it's hard to decide what to start first. But really, overall it's a great experience. I would recommend it to anybody.”

“The Hurricane Boot Camp has been very awesome, very inspirational, very encouraging. I learned a lot of specific techniques that I can use in my business to network and to leverage power partners.”

“It is amazing. It was life changing, and team building, and I loved it.”

“I went in with an open mind expecting that based upon the agenda, day 2 was going to be the strongest of the weekend.. boy was I wrong. Steve and his team were chock full of creative ideas and answered many of the questions I had adding value with each and every presentation. I will not hesitate to attend again”

“This has been the best conference. I have learned so many tips and ideas to bring back and use in our marketing strategies. Thank you Steve and the whole #Hurricanebootcamp team for sharing your success with all of us. Truly a great conference. I would recommend this for anyone struggling or just looking for a new direction.”

“It was fabulous; fantastic. I've been in this business for about 13 years. This has got to have been the best training ever. It was where you took a simple concept and elaborated on it. I was sitting in my chair excited to get back to work on Monday.”


Meghan Headshot

Meghan Smith

Business Coach

Meghan Smith is a business coach for Hurricane Marketing Enterprises and has to help her clients achieve massive growth. Previously, Meghan worked for a home care company as a Marketing Rep and during that time she was trained by Steve. Now she shines as a coach, helping her clients across the County to increase their census, revenue, and profits.

Nick Headshot

Nick Bonitatibus

Marketing Manager

Nick Bonitatibus is the Marketing Manager for Hurricane Marketing Enterprises.  He’s responsible for managing the company’s website and handles all video production, photography and graphic design needs.  Nick is HME’s digital guru, generating leads through email marketing and social media campaigns. 

Special Guest


Caregiver Mentoring:

Mentoring is an old concept made new again in part because of the influx of millennial workforce in senior care. Unlike previous generations who came to home care after a lifetime of personal care experience, millennial workers come to home health with limited experience.

Caregiver mentoring which was a nice-to-have is fast becoming a necessity of senior care employers who need to bring their workforce up to speed. In this engaging presentation, Anne-Lise Gere, SPHR shares how clients have implemented a caregiver mentoring program that works. She also highlights the key components of a successful program.

It turns out mentoring is also a great recruiting tool to attract those hard-to-keep millennials caregivers!

She will discuss...

  • Business cases for caregiver mentoring

  • Who should be your mentors

  • Roles of all players in the program (caregiver, mentor, management)

  • Skills training for new mentors


Anne-Lise Gere, SPHR works with home care agencies across the country. She provides HR guidance and works on creating strong HR systems with franchise owners and independent agencies. She specializes in caregiver recruitment and retention.

She writes regular blogs on employment compliance and employee relations for small and growing businesses. The blogs can be found at www.GereConsulting.com/blog.


A Drink with “The Hurricane”/VIP Dinner:

In a small intimate setting, you will be able to network and share your challenges and goals with “The Hurricane” and the HME team. Includes early registration so you can avoid the hassle of waiting in line the day of the event. 

 ($100 Value)

Preferred Seating: 

Get right in the action! As a VIP, you are guaranteed a seat in the front of the room for the entire 3-day event. ($ PRICELESS)

Recording of Event:

After the event, you will be able to watch all of Steve's presentations again and again. Share these videos with your team, so everyone is on the same page ($499 Value)



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