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Marketing Strategy

Is Your Office Staff Overworked?

In today’s episode of A Drink with the “Hurricane”, Steve discusses issues with your office staff complaining that they’re overworked. __________ Video Transcript: Hi everyone, Steve the Hurricane here, for today’s episode of A Drink with the Hurricane. We’re gonna talk about office staff complaining that they’re overworked, cheers. Office staff complaining that they’re overworked…

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Reasons For Drop By Visits

Marketing visits are essential for developing relationships with your accounts.  One thing that we can all relate to as business owners, marketers, sales directors, and everything in between is that we occasionally feel awkward when visiting an account.  We know we need to see the people at our accounts regularly, but we don’t always have…

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Holding Your Marketing Reps Accountable

As business owners, we depend on the success of Marketing Reps when it comes to marketing our companies in the field. Marketing Reps are at the forefront of your business, and it is crucial to hold them accountable. On this week’s episode of A Drink With “The Hurricane,” I have enlisted the help of HME’s…

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Triple Your Profits!

Want to find out how you can EXPLODE your business in 2017? Want to discover the strategies that will guarantee success? In this webinar Steve “The Hurricane” shares with you 3 simple, yet proven tactics to TRIPLE your profits for next year!

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Marketing with the Power of Positive Expectancy

In Marketing, or life in general, you ever run into someone that ALWAYS seems to have things go there way?  The person who always wins contests and prizes, they always close the biggest deals, and it seems as if they have magical powers? Well the secret to their success is a mind-set known as Positive…

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