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Highlighted Topics

Marketing Under Lockdown (Steve "The Hurricane"):

The COVID-19 outbreak has affected our lifestyles, our plans, and, naturally, our businesses. During this time it is important to adapt to these new guidelines to continue to Grow your Business, Increase your Referrals & Build Relationships. During this presentation learn how to leverage yourself & your business with key referral sources by establishing partnerships, generating more referrals out of your current key referral sources, and doing what your competition isn’t doing during the new guidelines.

All Things Assisted Living (Steve "The Hurricane"):

In order for your business to succeed you need to bring in a revolving door of steady referrals, without it your business will become stagnant or wither away, To succeed, you need to develop the right strategy. In this presentation, Steve will discuss all things Assisted Living: why you should marketing to these facilities, which Key Personal you should talk to, how they can refer, and how to power partner with them.

Recruitment By The Numbers (Steve "The Hurricane"):

When caregiver turnover rates are on the rise, it is important to update your knowledge on the latest Recruitment Strategies. Knowing what Caregivers look for on interviews when deciding who to work with is critical for your success. During this presentation, Steve will discuss how to create a company culture that significantly improves retention, reduce no calls and no shows, and improve patient outcome.

Managing Your Office Staff (Steve "The Hurricane"):

Your internal team is the foundation of your business. With the proper people in place and a focus on clear objectives, the sky is truly the limit to what your business can achieve. Knowing the right time to hire the key players in your organization, and the techniques to manage them will make a huge difference. Their success within your company will lead to your success long term.

How to Market to and Work with Hospice Agencies (Meghan Smith)

Hospice agencies provide wonderful services when the time comes and although the amount of care is greater than that of home health, it still doesn’t provide around the clock care that most families need during such difficult times. Wrapping home care services around end of life care can provide a great experience to patients and their families. Working with hospice not only provides the care needed to our seniors but Hospice agencies are a great potential referral source if you know how to tap into them!  Learn what their needs are and how to successfully market to them as well as how to create a strong partnership specifically with hospice! Knowing some of the common pain points these agencies experience gives you the opportunity to provide the solutions they are looking for!

Better Calls, Better Conversions - Breaking Down the Inquiry Call (Jennifer Gasper)

If your agency was secret shopped today, how do you think you'd fare?  Are you confident that your team is setting themselves up as the experts, listening to a caller's needs and painting a picture of what care looks like in the home?  Would you be sure they are consistently asking for the assessment? This presentation will take a look at things we commonly hear when conducting secret shopper calls with your agencies and how those things can be tweaked to take your calls to the next level.  (Increased conversion rates, anyone?)  We will also explore a variety of verbiage to use, questions to ask and ideas for overcoming objections. With a little practice, your inquiries will be left with the confidence to toss the rest of "the list" in the trash because they know you are the agency for them!

"Leaning In to Create Stronger Relationships That Will Allow You to Ask for Business" (Kelly Szwed)

Do you wonder why you haven’t gotten a referral, even after you dropped off your business card, and let the social worker know that you can help her with her patients’ discharges?  Or perhaps you feel you are being pushy when asking for business? Asking for the business sometimes is the hardest part of our job.  Oftentimes marketing reps get a bad rap!  How do we overcome this, and effectively market?  

What are the strategies we should be employing to confidently ask for what we need…The opportunity to earn the trust of our referrers, and to service patients’ needs confidently?  This presentation looks at how we can lean in, build the necessary trust relationships, and really break down the barriers of objections to why someone believes that a patient cannot utilize our services.  We will explore the many hats a marketer needs to wear in this role.  Those hats will help you in identifying how you can change those conversations so that you can overcome the obstacles to our success, and confidently ask for AND win that business!   

Is Your Specialty Program Really Unique? (Melissa Bagley)

More and More companies are coming up with Specialty Programs, but are they really something different than what other companies are doing? In this webinar, we will discuss how to ensure your specialty program is something that is going to WOW your referral sources. We will go over how to present these specialty programs so that after your presentation you walk out with referrals in hand. We will also discuss ways on how to stand out from your competition and truly be the SPECIALIST with your programs.