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Hiring And Managing Your Staff

Hi Folks, Hiring employees is the start of creating a strong foundation for you and your business. As an owner, it is important to maintain a productive and efficient work environment to avoid employee turnover. The key to a successful business is to manage the expectations of your staff. On this week’s episode of A…

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How to Stay Motivated in Your Marketing Efforts

Home Care Friends, Growing your business can be hard at times. Trust me, I know what if feels like to feel stuck. To feel like everything is against you. To get the responses that you don’t want to hear. “You’re not allowed to go in there,” the “we can’t afford Home Care,” and having the…

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How to Motivate Your Staff

Happy workers are productive workers. But how do you motivate your employees to work hard to further grow your business? The key is to realize that different things motivate different people. Often, managers forget that what motivates them, isn’t necessarily the same for all their employees. Once you have established what motivates who, you will…

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Coaching Services

Looking for the right person to grow your organization to the next level, but don’t have Tens of Thousands of dollars to pay them to get you there?  Add coaching to your organization and watch the business come pouring in.  Our unique approach will give you all the tools needed to train you (or your…

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How do you stay motivated when you have a bad day?

We are Marketers and Business owners.  We are warriors of the road.  We are positive and motivated individuals.  Nothing can stop us.  Invincible, we are always pushing forward in our never-ending quest for more referrals, business, revenue.  We never have a bad day right? WRONG! We are human!  Of course we have bad days.  I…

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Good Morning World…

Just something I thought of when I woke up this morning.  I love life, I love MY life, I love my wife, I love my children, I love my business, and I love helping others succeed!  Enjoy and have a great day everyone…

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