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Holding Your Marketing Reps Accountable

As business owners, we depend on the success of Marketing Reps when it comes to marketing our companies in the field. Marketing Reps are at the forefront of your business, and it is crucial to hold them accountable. On this week’s episode of A Drink With “The Hurricane,” I have enlisted the help of HME’s…

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When and How to Hire a New Marketing Rep

Ever wonder if you hired the right Marketing Rep for your agency? Time and time again I see business owners question their decision, and come to HME for help. As we all know, a Marketing Rep is the voice for you and your agency. They are the one that will ultimately set you apart from…

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What is the First Step when Hiring A New Marketing Rep?

Imagine this, you’ve just hired a new Marketing Representative for your organization. He or she has a good background in sales and seems like the perfect fit. S/he is a highly ambitious individual who is ready to dominate the industry. There’s one problem, s/he was never trained on marketing to Home Care services. On this…

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