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What Can Power Partners Do With Each Other?

In this week’s Episode of “A Drink with the Hurricane” Steve the Hurricane talks about Power Partners and why they are important to have. It’s all about “Duplication” of efforts. The more Power Partners you have, the more ground you can cover, and the more referrals you will generate. Transcript Hi, folks, Steve “The Hurricane”…

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How to Develop a Referral Source: Part 3

Steve “The Hurricane” will discuss what needs to be done at networking events to better your outcomes. On this week’s episode of A Drink With “The Hurricane” Steve will discuss part 3 of how to develop a referral source. Transcript: Hi folks, Steve the Hurricane, and for today’s episode of Drink with the Hurricane, we…

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Marketing to Social Workers

Social workers are often the crucial link between your home care marketing business and prospective home care clients. In this week’s episode of A Drink With The Hurricane, I will help you figure out how to talk to social workers in a way that will help you get the regular referrals that your company deserves.…

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What is the Best Tool for Building Strong Relationships?

Home Care Marketing Click Here to Download the Mackay 66 Customer Profile In this week’s episode of A Drink with “The Hurricane.” I’m going to share one of my favorite marketing tools with you, for developing strong, referring relationships with the key people at your accounts…the Harvey Mackay 66 Customer Profile. Harvey Mackay is a…

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How Can Client Feedback Help With Referrals?

Homecare Referrals Hi, folks!   On today’s episode of A Drink with “The Hurricane,” we’re wrapping up our 4-week discussion on why social workers refer whom they do.  We’ve been giving you an exclusive sneak peak inside our Hurricane Marketing Boot camp 2.0 in Phoenix next month. I sat down with two social worker friends…

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Top 3 Social Worker Pet Peeves

Homecare Referrals Hi, folks!  Thanks for tuning in to another edition of A Drink with “The Hurricane.”  We’re continuing with our Social Workers’ training session that will be featured at next month’s Hurricane Marketing Boot Camp 2.0. I interviewed two Social Worker friends who work with vendors every day.  Their helpful, tell-all interview takes us…

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3 Tips to Follow for First Time Visits with Social Workers

Homecare Referrals Hi there, folks!  We’re off to the races in 2016 and getting inside the minds of healthcare Social Workers.  I recently interviewed two professional friends who gave me the inside scoop of what their days are like.  I turned their “real-talk” into our Hurricane Marketing Boot Camp 2.0.  I’ll be breaking their interview…

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3 Reasons Why Social Workers Refer Who They Do

Homecare Referrals Happy New Year, folks!  Exciting times are on the horizon in 2016, and we’re gearing up for the Hurricane Marketing Boot Camp 2.0 in Phoenix next month.  February’s event includes a 90-minute video training session on how to think like a Social Worker. I recently sat down with two Social Worker friends of mine…

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