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Reasons For Drop By Visits

Marketing visits are essential for developing relationships with your accounts.  One thing that we can all relate to as business owners, marketers, sales directors, and everything in between is that we occasionally feel awkward when visiting an account.  We know we need to see the people at our accounts regularly, but we don’t always have…

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How to Motivate Your Staff

Happy workers are productive workers. But how do you motivate your employees to work hard to further grow your business? The key is to realize that different things motivate different people. Often, managers forget that what motivates them, isn’t necessarily the same for all their employees. Once you have established what motivates who, you will…

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Is the Summer a Good Time for Home Care Marketing?

Every summer, we hear the same things from our clients; “Everyone at my accounts is on vacation.” “Nobody has any referrals for me.” “I’m going to use this down time to get my operations in check.” I love hearing this, because it reconfirms the fact that many people think these things, and we can teach…

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When Should I Train a New Marketing Rep?

Welcome to a very special episode of “A Drink with the Hurricane.”  I hope you enjoyed our dramatization…I definitely enjoyed filming it.  As one of the company’s Directors, I frequently handle calls from business owners across the country who are looking for help with their marketing reps.  While this exact situation portrayed here is not…

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Hurricane on Conversations in Care Radio Show

On 7/31 Steve “The Hurricane” was on Tami Neumann’s radio talk show Conversations in Care to discuss managing your healthcare marketing team and keeping them motivated. This can be a difficult task at times and we all need good ways to lead our team and keep them on the same page to keep our business…

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Coaching Services

Looking for the right person to grow your organization to the next level, but don’t have Tens of Thousands of dollars to pay them to get you there?  Add coaching to your organization and watch the business come pouring in.  Our unique approach will give you all the tools needed to train you (or your…

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Art of Closing – Radio Show

On 5/29, Steve the Hurricane was on Tami Neumann’s radio show Conversations in Care discussing the ART OF CLOSING. As we all know closing the sale can be a difficult process and one that must be implemented correctly in order to have great success.  On the show, Steve explained some of the fundamentals for closing…

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