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How to Respond to “We don’t refer Home Care”

Hey folks, thanks for tuning in. As marketer’s we all struggle with one thing, differentiating ourselves from the crowd. Why should an account choose to refer to us over one of our competitors? In this episode of A Drink with “The Hurricane,” we will discuss some strategies you can implement to  overcome this problem. You…

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What Promotional Items Work and Do NOT Work?

Of all the marketing things people have talked with me about, promotional items has to be my absolute favorite!  What’s not to love about it?  You are putting your name or your company’s name on something to give out for the world to see and use.  It’s going to help you create business and referrals…

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Should You Attend an In-Service with Your Marketing Rep?

Absolutely! Another great dramatization this week, everyone. Like last week’s, the “wrong” example in this video may SEEM like the right thing to do. The owner is wrapping up the weekly staff meeting, when her marketer reminds her about the in-service he’s going to later that day at the “big hospital” in their territory. She…

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Why “Fire Hosing” is bad for Home Care Referrals

Imagine you’re at a networking event.  Someone walks up and greets you.  You respond accordingly only to have that individual now run their mouth for 3-4 minutes talking all about who they are, what they do, and why you should be working with them.  Sound familiar?  This is called “Fire Hosing” someone. Think for a…

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