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Home Care Marketing Essentials

Are you the face of your company on the front line, everyday marketing your business? Do feel like you have been knocking on door after door and getting nowhere or have gotten stuck in a rut and need a way to get out?

We hear you. We been in the lab working hard to put together a HIGHLY-EFFECTIVE package just for you and guess what….IT’S READY!!!! 

The “Marketing Essentials” package is the complete deal for getting you in the door and bringing in more referrals than you can handle!

Marketing Essentials includes:

1 Year Membership to Home Care Revenue Builders ($1164 Value)

Home Care Revenue Builders is a collaboration between Hurricane Marketing Enterprises and LTC Expert Publications. We joined together to provide a full-circle solution with Direct Referral Marketing Strategies and Techniques from HME and LTCEP Online Marketing and Online Leads training. Membership includes Videos, Strategies Templates, Proven Marketing Methods, Monthly Private Webinar Training, and Weekly Marketing Tips.
You will also be added to our exclusive Facebook group, where you can interact with Steve, Valerie, Our Coaches and all of our members.
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How to Successfully Develop Referral Sources Video ($249 Value)

In this Video, Steve “The Hurricane” teaches all the proven steps he created for developing referral sources! He answers questions such as: Where do you go for business?  How often should you visit? How can I get by the Gate Keeper?  Why won’t the Social Worker meet w/ me? 
He will walk you through the qualifying process teaching you everything you need to know about all types of referral sources. He will break down the 5 step process clearly, so you can easily implement these actions into your marketing efforts. 
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Marketing Essentials Documents and Templates ($199 Value)

Marketing Rep Standard Operating Procedures: Get organized and focused with these structured guidelines of Marketing Rep standards. Know what is expected to achieve success!
Monthly Marketing Plan: This tool will have you on task week in and week out to be sure that you are marketing your business effectively and efficiently!
Top 20 List Tracker: Begin to get a strong hold on your best referring accounts in your territory by using this powerful tracker system.

Also, for a limited time receive this BONUS item...

30 Day Access to The Creation of Power Partners  ($129 Value)

This video helps you take relationships you have to levels you never DREAMED!  Steve “The Hurricane” walks you through the 5 W’s of Power Partners, discusses the best companies to develop Power Partners from,  teaches how to create Power Partners, leverage the relationships to form a Network of Power Partners, and then if your up to the challenge build your very own Preferred Providers Network of Power Partners.  Leverage those relationships into breaking into closed hospital systems, and you can rule your very own health care EMPIRE! 

Our mission at Hurricane Marketing Enterprises, is to provide Home Care companies with the BEST marketing and sales techniques, strategies, and systems in the industry.

Get Your “Marketing Essentials” Package TODAY and start to Blow Away the Competition TOMORROW!

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