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How to Stay Motivated in Your Marketing Efforts

Home Care Friends, Growing your business can be hard at times. Trust me, I know what if feels like to feel stuck. To feel like everything is against you. To get the responses that you don’t want to hear. “You’re not allowed to go in there,” the “we can’t afford Home Care,” and having the…

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Are Meet and Greets Effective?

Home Care Friends, I know what you may be thinking, ‘are meet and greets worth your time.’ So many of you have come up to me within this past year wondering if attending community events is a waste of time. On this week’s episode of A Drink With “The Hurricane” we will overcome the question…

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The Key To Leveraging Referrals

Hi Guys, Referral sources are critical to a Home Care business. They catapult your growth by allowing prospective clients to hear firsthand stories from an account that they already trust. Referrals help increase your census, revenues, and profits, giving you an advantage to Blow Away Your Competition! On this weeks episode of a Drink With…

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Making a Marketing Plan for 2017

Hi Everyone! To market successfully, your business needs a strong backbone. As a Home Care business owner, we both know that your business depends on successful direct referral marketing. As 2017 is quickly approaching, it is essential to draft up a marketing plan for you and your business. In this week’s episode of A Drink…

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Arm Yourself for The War for Referrals

Hi Folks, When it comes to gaining referrals there is always going to be competition. It is up to you as a business owner to seek ways to boost revenue and diversify yourself to win the never-ending war of gaining referrals. You wouldn’t go to war with out any gear, would you? No, of course…

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Triple Your Profits!

Want to find out how you can EXPLODE your business in 2017? Want to discover the strategies that will guarantee success? In this webinar Steve “The Hurricane” shares with you 3 simple, yet proven tactics to TRIPLE your profits for next year!

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