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Motivation, Passion, and Inspiration

  Everyone has a rough day every now and then. There will be some days where you will feel like nothing is going right. In this episode of A Drink With “The Hurricane”, Steve is going to reassure you and give you that extra boost of confidence you need to go out in the field and dominate your…

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Marketing with the Power of Positive Expectancy

In Marketing, or life in general, you ever run into someone that ALWAYS seems to have things go there way?  The person who always wins contests and prizes, they always close the biggest deals, and it seems as if they have magical powers? Well the secret to their success is a mind-set known as Positive…

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How do you stay motivated when you have a bad day?

We are Marketers and Business owners.  We are warriors of the road.  We are positive and motivated individuals.  Nothing can stop us.  Invincible, we are always pushing forward in our never-ending quest for more referrals, business, revenue.  We never have a bad day right? WRONG! We are human!  Of course we have bad days.  I…

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Good Morning World…

Just something I thought of when I woke up this morning.  I love life, I love MY life, I love my wife, I love my children, I love my business, and I love helping others succeed!  Enjoy and have a great day everyone…

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